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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between vacuum forming and thermoforming?

Vacuum forming uses controlled heat, force, and vacuum to make a thermoplastic sheet pliable enough to conform to a mold contour. Thermoforming generally relies on temperature only.

What is Pressure Forming?

Pressure forming is similar to vacuum forming, but it uses high-pressure air assist to create significantly better part definition.

What is Twin-Sheet Forming?

Twin Sheet Forming uses distinct top- and bottom molds, heat, and vacuum to create a void between two sheets of plastic while forming a strong edge seal.

What is Vacuum Forming?

Vacuum forming is the process of taking a flat thermoplastic sheet and using controlled heat to make it pliable enough to conform to a mold contour by simultaneously applying force and vacuum. Vacuum-formed parts are typically three-dimensional, and finished parts will have the defined shape and detail on one side.

Industries: Aerospace, agricultural equipment, automotive, furniture, medical equipment, machinery manufacture

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