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C+K Plastics has done more than just stay busy during the Coronavirus lockdown—we’ve expanded.

In April 2021, C+K announced the acquisition of Piedmont Polymers and Fabrication in Charlotte, North Carolina, expanding our heavy-gauge thermoforming, assembly, and fulfillment capacity.

The acquisition also gives us access to Piedmont’s technical production talent, as well as a 95,000 ft2 ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing facility and a range of leading-edge equipment, including the ability to form sheets up to 96” x 144”.

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Today, C+K Plastics North Carolina, Inc. is our new outpost for contract thermoforming, vacuum forming, twin sheet forming, and a full range of secondary services. We offer materials expertise to help you determine the best option for your application, whether your parts are large or small, simple or complex.

C+K Manufactures Custom Vacuum- and Pressure-Formed Plastic Parts Using the Most Advanced Processes and Equipment

C+K Plastics manufactures custom plastic parts using advanced processes and equipment. If you’ve ever considered thermoforming, vacuum forming, or twin sheet forming as an alternative to injection molding or another process, now could be the best time to make the switch.

Pressure Forming vs. Injection Molding

The experts at C+K will be happy to discuss pressure forming’s inherent benefits. In addition to less-expensive tooling and faster tooling development, pressure forming offers the ability to etch tooling surfaces to match surface textures, and to incorporate ribs, inserts, and reinforcements, while eliminating the flaws associated with injection molding.

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Pressure Forming Benefits

  • High level of detail
  • Fastest time to market
  • Lowest tooling costs
  • Best wall thickness-to-size ratio of any plastic process

Vacuum Forming Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Inexpensive part mods
  • Fast turnaround
  • Low forming pressures = inexpensive tooling

Twin-Sheet Forming Benefits

  • Less weight, more strength
  • Compatible with most thermoplastics
  • Excellent rigidity and structural integrity
  • Less expensive tooling costs than blow molding

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